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My name is Abdulmogeeb Mohammed AlHumaid , my first name sound is not /g/ it’s /dʒ/. I was born in Saudi Arabia – Buraydah , 1989 , and if you ask what’s my star sign , it’s Gemini . I currently study English at Qassim University specialized in linguistics and translation and honestly I hate translation ,but these are my college rules . I also work as an IT for Alkhaleej for Training and Education .I like reading and computing the most, I read about linguistics, mythology, history, Arabic literature, psychology, and religions. My dislike list is full it starts with fashions and ends with sports . The creator of AGL movement , Arab GNU/Linux website and YouTube channel. I have this hope which is simply seeing the Babylon age again in my own eyes , for some reason , I love Iraq maybe because I want to see Babylon and it’s located there now .I don’t want to die as a normal person and not as a hero , all I want to be after my death is something makes people happy when they remember me , that’s why I never focus on materialistic things all I want is some basic things that help me reach this goal , and with Allah wills I will do what ever it takes to make this dream as truth. My head is always busy I never stop thinking about tomorrow and because of that I’m always sleep deprived , working for the day the hasn’t approached yet. If you have completed reading this , what can you do to help me help others ? contact me at : a at arabgnulinux dot org


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